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Great Florida Movers

A Great Florida Movers is a family owned and operated, local full-service moving and storage company with over 30 years combined industry experience. Our customers have branded us the “Great Florida Movers.” Our mission statement is simple, MAKE THE CUSTOMER HAPPY. Customer service leads to customer referrals. We rely heavily on our local customer referrals for return business. When it comes to the shipping of your valuables, protection against perils is the most important task. We can package just about any item, whether it’s building a custom-fit corrugated box, show-crate or in-foam packaging. We have the knowledge and resources to do the job right.

Why Us?

Many people ask, “Why use local professional movers?” One consideration is cost-efficiency. We realize that in today’s economic situation, price is a key factor in many expense based decisions. Although moving truck rentals may seem more economical than a professional moving company, once the additional costs have been considered, self-moving may not be the cheapest option. Choosing a local mover over a do-it-yourself move can save you time, energy, and even money!  Call us today to schedule a free in home or over the phone estimate. It will take less than 30 minutes and you will be given the option of a guaranteed flat rate price.

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